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This book helped change the way I look at raising my child. We have given up power struggles and have a happy, laughter-filled house. It's not always easy, but it is simple.

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Rather than set up winners and thereby losers to conflicts, learn to work together to solve problems so that everybody 'wins'. I highly recommend it. Very helpful! I couuld relate to a lot of the material discussed and it was easy to put into use. My children like the new way I listen and I like the feeback the chidren give me. My husband has began to listen to it and I can see how he tries the new concepts and has avoided the arguments by applying the new listening skills.

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Very informative and easy to follow with great examples. I have 3 kids under 4 yrs and was just as relative to them as I'm sure to older kids. Great information, although I wished there was an abridged version. Sidenote: generally, I dislike abridged books. But there is a lot of information here that could have been presented in a more straightforward manner.

This book was recommended by the therpist of my 11 yo daughter who has been diagnosed with a chronic disease. I've realized that there's a lot i could have differently and better ways to deal with kids feelings and behaviours. In the 3 days that took me to listen the book i've tried the suggested approaches with both my kids 11 and 4 and i'm supprised by the good results. I like the ideas that are presented and the principles that are presented in this book.

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Tread The Dog Whisperer is amazing. This seminar is for people who want a deeper understanding of their dog's communicative nature. Sara Pizano will walk you through the steps each shelter, whether public or private and regardless of resources, can take to help and save more cats and dogs. As click-through rates skyrocketed, advertising quickly became as important as search. That is, tuition must be paid for each person attending this seminar. Find out what they do, how they do it, and how your shelter can, too!

But the focus seems to be so much on all of the horrible effects on your children if you mess up and do what you are not "supposed " to do. There needs to be many more good examples and positive ideas and a positive focus for this book to be better. The whole tone of the book just seems way too negative and catastrophic if you mess up how you talk to your children. Third time I read it Always more to learn and each time I listen to it I pickup something new.

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More than likely it is this portion of the book most people will find useful and the book is worth buying for this content. Where the book becomes less helpful is when the author says that he thinks some kids should run away from their parents explaining that some parents are so terrible as to leave their kids no other alternative for a fruitful life. Most people would agree that abandoning your family is drastic, yet the author throws it out there almost casually and does very little to defend it. From this section it is all downhill. The biggest of which is that the author complains that parents who have rigid notions of correct behavior and conduct often harm their kids, yet the author expresses some rigid notions of correct behavior himself and essentially says that if parents don't use his method specifically the no-lose conflict resolution their kids will be irrevocably harmed.

This seems like an extreme position. There are no other viable approaches?

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It appears the author has different standards for methods other than his own. I mostly agree with that assessment but what I find puzzling about it is that public school districts have been staffed with psychologists who are involved at all levels of decision making in the school administrative hierarchy.

Isn't this representation of psychologists in the schools what he is advocating? Perhaps he is complaining about the effectiveness of this approach and has mislabeled it? If you consider buying this book I would highly encourage you to also buy Meg Meeker's books to serve as a counter weight. PET does not make many distinctions between boys and girls where Meg Meeker has books specifically addressing the unique needs of boys and girls separately.

Meg Meeker can provide you with a wider and richer picture of the general and specific needs of boys and girls where PET is essentially a unisex, tactical training manual for parents. Overall I would encourage parents to read this book but would prepare them for the less helpful and possibly unwanted section at the end of the book. This book improved my parenting before I even finished it. I enjoy my kids much more now as well. Great book and parenting and communication philosophy and practical information.

Highly recommend! Loved it heaps! I got a lot out of this book. Feel I will definitely be a better parent and have a more connected and respectful relationship with my three boys in applying some of the tips this book provides. In fact everyone needs this.

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This book is the solution to pretty much all the world's problems. T is a must read for all parents who are determined to have healthy lifelong relationships with their children. By reading it, I have identified potentially damaging behaviour in my actions and then learned new strategies to improve communication with my children. A great, easy read, clear and sobering. Your audiobook is waiting…. Parent Effectiveness Training P. By: Thomas Gordon. Narrated by: Jamie MacKenzie. Length: 5 hrs and 45 mins.

Categories: Self Development , Parenting. People who bought this also bought Leader Effectiveness Training L. Playful Parenting By: Lawrence J. Cohen Ph. Narrated by: Lawrence J.