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According to the Divine Vision of W.

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To be performed before a window open to the E. The room filled with jewels, but only diamonds to be worn. A Sword, unconsecrated. Bright daylight at noon.

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I have watched helplessly as a man drowned in the fast-moving waters before me. It moved up and down slightly with each breath. You may not believe me but you could be a light bringer. Through these experiments, Kabuto at least, was able to replicate Suigetsu's unique secret ability to liquefy himself at will. Some varieties of rabbit have been bred with blue hair such as the Belgian breed, the St Nicholas Blue [ citation needed ].

Lock doors. White robes; bare feet. Be very loud.

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She Wore Blue Invoking the Water is one woman's journey to learn how to listen to her heart. It is a memoir that is invaluable to read when needing courage to. She Wore Blue Invoking the Water by Pana Columbus () on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Flaming Sword. As before. Unprepared and uninvoking Thee, I, […], Fra.

How shall I humble myself enough before Thee? Thou art the mighty and unconquered Lord of the Universe: I am a spark of Thine unutterable Radiance. How should I approach Thee? Thou whas called me -should I not then hasten to Thy Presence? With unwashen hands therefore I come unto Thee, and I lament my wandering from Thee -but Thou knowest!

Yea, I have done evil! If one blasphemed Thee, why should I therefore forsake Thee? But Thou art the Avenger; all is with Thee. Strike if Thou wilt: spare if Thou wilt: but accept me as I am. My trust is in Thee: shall I be confounded?

For why? For that All is in Thee and of Thee; it is enough if I burn up in the intolerable glory of Thy presence. I turn toward Thy Promise.

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Strike, strike the master chord! Draw, draw the Flaming Sword! Thee, Thee, I invoke! Thee, Thee I invoke!

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E — Thou about whose presence is shed the darkness of Blue Light, the unfathomable glory of the outmost Ether, the untravelled, the unthinkable immensity of Space. Thou who concentrest all the Thirty Ethers in one darkling sphere of Fire! The Voice of the Five. The Voice of the Six.

Eleven are the Voices. The Names are Five. My music is committed to creating the long-term feminist liberation movement that will birth this transformative change. Formerly, as Lucile Schuck, she was a traditional corporate wife and mother. Each day I enjoy knowing the person 1 am becoming in this latest sense-of-self. I am caught up in the sacred task of undermining patriarchy. This involves taking apart and examining the threads of the intellectual cocoon into which I have been acculturated and then constructing a more life-giving and sustaining world view, a new consciousness that includes a revised sense of the sacred.

We were beginning to reach for new and inclusive symbols and rituals that speak to us of our connectedness to one another, to the totality of life, and to our place on this planet. We moved in an intuitive response to the potential of water as a symbol of women's spirituality.

Playwright, Director, Producer of Ritual Theater

The water ceremony became the central part of a religious service that broke with tradition in significant ways. It was created by lay women, women who had long been silent in the pews. The ritual space was also made sacred by the women themselves. We gathered to worship in a way authentic and liberating to us, not as in a church but in a semicircle around a large common earthen bowl. It was a ritual of women's being connected by a universal symbol, water, a ritual of women being connected to the totality of life.

The vital parts of the ceremony are the bringing of the waters, the sharing of their meaning, the experiencing of the intermingled waters by the group, and the taking of the waters from the ritual.

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The ceremony flows from what the participants bring to it. Each brings a container of water that has special meaning to her. She shares with the group why this water is significant to her and what it symbolizes in her life. The water ceremony names water as a symbol close to us as women that is reflective of and enabling to our daily lives.

The ceremony releases from us, an expression in words of what is vital, rooted and connected to us. In small gatherings each woman can bring water and speak of its meaning to her. In large groups such as the one at East Lansing a number of women are invited in advance to bring water and participate in the ritual on behalf of us all. When the water has been mingled, it is then experienced in some way by the women gathered together.

We have subsequently been in small groups who circled the bowl, putting our hands in it; we have witnessed the water passed around the circle as women used it to heal one another. We have seen ceremonies spontaneously shaped in the moment or carefully planned, each portion reflected upon. During or after the service there should be an opportunity for those gathered to take a small portion of the water to be carried away. The collected and mingled water thus journeys on into individual lives and often flows into a common bowl at other water ceremonies.

As the ritual is continued, water deepens in meaning for us, just as water deepens during its long and winding journey to the sea. Sometimes I feel like a motherless child Sometimes I feel like I've never been heard Sometimes I feel I like I've never been seen Sometimes I feel like the day has come Religions in recent times have been about the empowerment of men.

The Water Ritual

Women have been lost, unseen and unheard. We gather to lift up our woman identity, our self-understanding.

We come with our yearning to find her who acknowledges our birth and our presence, who nurtures life and spirit. It is she who is ourselves—she who, upon meeting, we recognize and need no introduction. It is she who gives birth to all we are and can be—to ideas, thoughts, words and songs—to foggy shaped longings and to fiery rage and to all-encompassing love. She is the center inside ourselves which is our truest truth, our primary honesty —that being, tender, insistent, and passionate toward survival and wholeness. We give birth to her as she gives birth to us, as we give birth to one another.

Making our way like rivers from places distant and near, we come together to give shape to a new spirituality. For there is no theology that calls women to strength rather than to support the strength of others; that calls women to action rather than to passivity; that calls women to full expression rather than to meek acceptance. Recognizing that, we see we must question every box, every definition, every assignment from an authority outside our own be-ings so that we can create and re-create for ourselves the rituals and symbols that give meaning to us.

So we come together to question. To hear. To share. To speak. To inspire.


And to celebrate through new rituals, knowing that our energy and our love are transforming. Celebrating now our connectedness, we choose water as our symbol of our empowerment.