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Jacquelyn Smith, 54, died in December after being stabbed.

Staging a murder at the Asiatic Library!

Her husband and stepdaughter were arrested and charged in her murder. Baltimore PD. Helped her father dispose of the other property, things of that nature.

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The year-old will appear in court again on Jan. The alleged panhandler crime attracted national attention and prompted many people to regard panhandlers warily.

In the story, her assistant is charged with the murder and to help clear him and save her business, she finds herself trying to identify who the murderer is. What got the ball rolling was she attended a Malice Domestic Conference, a conference for fans of mysteries in the tradition of Agatha Christie.

It was a thrilling experience; I thought these are ordinary people. She got the idea for the home staging hook because she had watched programs on HGTV on home staging.

I had a knack for it. I knew enough about it. I had a good feel for it.

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