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A look at the history of military threats on Canadian soil. Despite the hardships she faced, Maud Lewis was able to find joy in her life, a joy that she expressed through her art.

This book presents the stories of "The Famous Five" women who challenged the establishment and paved the way for greater equality from the mids to the s. Illustrated entirely with paintings, archival maps, and original artifacts, this book recounts the life of Samuel de Champlain. The story of the "Home Children"; orphaned and poor children who were sent to Canada alone.

This is the story of Normie Kwong, and how, despite racist policies in Canada, he became the youngest footballer ever to play in a Grey Cup game, in Crazy Canucks recounts the trials and triumphs off the Canadian men's alpine ski team of the s and early s. This is the story of the allied invasion of Normandy on June 6, , eventually leading to the surrender of Nazi Germany. The ordinary things we use every day and the not-so-ordinary ways they came to be.

The story of Dieppe, the worst disaster in Canadian military history. The story of Canada's participation in the Second Boer War, For more than years, voyageur canoes charged across the waters from Quebec to British Columbia, and north to Hudson Bay. This book tells their stories of adventure and hardship. The story of a loyalist family fleeing to Canada following the American Revolution. A series dedicated to explaining energy sources to young readers.

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This book tells the stories behind the famous names Vancouver, Fraser, Mackenzie, and Cook. This is the story of boxer George Chuvalo, who fought ninety-three professional fights between and , but was never knocked out. This is the story of Canada's sledge hockey team, and their gold medal win in the Paralympic games. The story of Anna Leonowens, made famous as the "I" in the movie The King and I and her life in Halifax, devoted to the fight for women's rights. Final report based on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's six-year investigation into the residential school system.

The remarkable true story of the bear who inspired Winnie-the-Pooh. This is the story of champion rower New Hanlan, and his lifetime achievements. This is the story of how the Edmonton Commercial Graduates Basketball Club went from a small-city, girl's high school team to world champs with an unparalleled winning record. Canada's role in the First World War, presented in scrapbook style. The story of a young half Mohawk boy struggling with his place in colonial America. Tom Thompson's summer teaching his daughter how to paint. The story of a young girl and her family during the Irish potato famine.

Grey Owl was known as an outstanding Native Canadian spokesman who championed conservation, but the truth about Archie Belaney's mysterious ancestry was another story. Based on the true story of Hana Brady, a child victim of the Holocaust.

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Hana's brother survived, and immigrated to Toronto. The book combines narrative, poems, photos, comics about historical events with humourous stories. The story of a young soldier fighting in the First World War. Henry Hudson and his life as an explorer. Stories of the early history of the Hudson's Bay Company. An exciting journey seen through the eyes of the Algonquin people.

A Life of Martin Luther King. The story of Etseh, Etsi and their three grandchildren as they canoe the Idaa Trail, and discuss the special sites along the way. Former black slaves struggle to make a new life in Nova Scotia after the American Revolution. A series of educational books developed to teach children about traditional Aboriginal ways of life.

From to , the Empress of Ireland, one of the fastest and most elegant liners of the Edwardian era, graced the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Isaac Brock is widely credited as the military leader who frustrated the United States in its ambition to invade and take over Canada in This is the story of Brock's life and legacy. How prejudice and racism set the stage for a roundup and internment of hundreds of loyal Italian-Canadians. During the Second Word War, over 20, Japanese-Canadians had their civil rights, homes, possessions, and freedom taken away.

He's also renowned for his social commitment and generosity off the ice. This is the story of Karen Kain's rise to ballet stardom in Canadian dance and on the world's stage in the s. Featuring stories of ethnic groups, mini-profiles, maps, archival documents and first-person accounts, this book is a look at Canada's fascinating immigration history. The story of Kimberley, a young girl growing up in small town Ontario in the s.

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This is the story of how Tommy forever changed the sport. In , twelve-year-old Addy sets out into the Canadian wilderness to find her brother, and witnesses the beginning of the First World War. The true story of a young First Nations girl from the Prairies who touches lives in Africa after she decides to reach out and help grandmothers who are raising their grandchildren orphaned by AIDS.

Gaylord Powless was a famous Canadian lacrosse player of native ancestry. This is the story of his struggle for equality on and off the lacrosse floor. The history of New France, and LaSalle's influence on expansion and exploration.

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The tale of Laura's dreadful journey to warn the British about an American plot. This is the story of Laura Secord, a Canadian woman who warned the British soldiers of an impending American attack during the War of A Chinese girl in the s takes on the identity of a boy, in order to immigrate to Canada and find her father. This is the story of the Winnipeg Falcons, a team of just eight players who brought home Canada's first Olympic gold medal in hockey in , despite facing prejudice for Icelandic heritage.

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Montgomery, the creator of Anne of Green Gables and author of more than 20 books, is a household name the world over. This is the story of her life. Mable, a young aspiring writer in the early 20th century, searches for inspiration. This is the story of Marilyn Bell, the first person to swim across Lake Ontario.

Photography's role in capturing Canadian history. A child's life in an Indian Residential School in the s. Winner of the Sheila A. Egoff Children's Literature Prize The tale of a fictional fourteen-year-old's quest aboard a real nineteenth-century ship in search of the missing Franklin expedition. This is the story of doctor Norman Bethune, the Canadian battlefield doctor who pioneered the mobile-blood transfusion. His work in Spain and China made him famous worldwide.

An illustrated version of the song "Northwest Passage" by Canadian songwriter and singer Stan Rogers.


Bob Restall got his chance, but it ended in tragedy. An introduction to the Michif Alphabet. An exploration of the historical life of the Sts'ailes people of British Columbia.

The Politics of Observation

So the wagon was rummaged, the bag brought to light, and I sent to one of the nearest houses to get something for him to eat out of. As we lift the brass cap, we begin to count seconds,—by a watch, if we are naturally unrhythmical,—by the pulsations in our souls, if we have an intellectual pendulum and escapement. Durrant, Lynda. New York Times Notable Book. National Book Award. Back to Profile. Wyoming Buckaroo Nominee.

The fictional story of a horse named Paint, and the struggle to survive the settlement of the Canadian Prairie. A young girl's fight to start a female hockey team in Parry Sound, Ontario in the s. She describes her early hopelessness and rebellion, her participation in the American Indian Movement, and her pride in the revival of the traditions of her heritage. Ohitika woman. Brooks, Martha. Bone dance. Lonny LaFreniere believes the property should be his and resents that his stepfather sold the family heritage. At first leery of each other, both Native American teenagers find something they need on Medicine Bluff.

For senior high and older readers. Brown, Dee. The American West. Brown draws upon his previous books for this account of the West, centering on Native Americans, settlers, and ranchers from the early s through the s. In between are portraits of camp meetings, stagecoach robberies, plagues, roundups, Indian wars, and gold rushes, featuring well-known people like Sitting Bull, Geronimo, Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp, and Buffalo Bill. Some violence. History of Native Americans from to , when the West was won and Native American civilization was lost. Cavalry scout.

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Native Americans are portrayed sympathetically in this novel of the Indian wars in the West. The author has used unpublished sources and other documents to emphasize the Native American viewpoint. Creek Mary's blood: a novel.

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Stormy saga of a Muskogee who weds a Cherokee warrior. Bruchac, Joseph. The arrow over the door.