The Golden Dream

"La Jaula de Oro" (The Golden Dream)
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The Golden Dream: Film Guide

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The Golden Dream is a Mexican drama film directed by Spanish-born Mexican director Diego Quemada-Díez. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard. La Jaula De Oro: The Golden Dream · Güeros · The Violin · Los insólitos peces gato · Heli · Tempestad · Terraferma · Police Tactics · Let's Go with Pancho Villa.

You should never attempt to visit any sites listed in mindat. Kalgoorlie Miner newspaper There is zero nuance in this world view, and it makes for boring and predictable art. In interviews he cites the British director as a major influence, and this has perhaps contributed to his overly simplistic approach to art as political statement.

Quemada-Diez shot the film in a Loachian style, using non-actors and available light, and filmed it in sequence, improvising many of the scenes. The dynamics between the three work well at first, especially in the sexual jealousy between Chauk and Juan who both fancy Sara.

The improvisational and almost documentary approach to directing his actors however eventually reveals its limitations. The lush locations provide a powerful foil for the suffering experienced by the immigrants who are carried through stunning landscapes atop rusty, lurching trains often at sunset or twilight when the rainforests and desertscapes are at their most photogenic. This dream is accompanied by plinky plonky piano music alerting us to the fact that this is a Poetic Moment. The music throughout this film is a problem.

It is a shame Quemada-Diez felt he had to rely on music to tell us what to feel rather than letting the action and the faces of his actors do the job. Alerting the audience to moments of emotion through music sits uncomfortably with the more documentary approach the director uses with his actors.

The journey made by the teenagers is harrowing, but the baddies they meet along the way come over as cartoon villains. It is a paint-by-numbers approach to showing us one of each type of villain. I would have liked to perhaps get to know a few of these bandits, some of whom might be as desperate — and dare I say it as human — as the people they are fleecing. Juan dislikes the idea of going with Chauk, but Sara forces him to go on with him and the three continue on the road to the north.

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While riding on a train to northern Mexico, the train is stopped by the Mexican Army who attempt to capture the immigrants; however, the trio manage to escape and are offered refuge and work by a sugar-cane farmer. During a party at the plantation, the three of them drink and dance until Sara and Juan begin kissing, and end up leaving Chauk alone.

The next morning Chauk feels betrayed by Sara, but decides to remain with them and continue the ride to the north. During the trip, they are detained by drug traffickers, who steal the belongings of the passengers and kidnap the females. Sara is soon recognized as a girl and is taken by the traffickers; when Juan and Chauk resist, Juan is seriously injured and Chauk is knocked unconscious. Chauk wakes up and tends to Juan's injuries.

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When Juan recovers, both recognize that they can do nothing for Sara and decide to continue their voyage to the north. During the next train ride, they meet a teenager from Guatemala that offers them jobs, but in reality it is just a trick and the boy delivers them into the hands of a group of criminals.

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When the leader learns that Juan is from his same hometown, Juan is released. Juan later returns and offers the leader the American Dollars he had saved before the journey, in order to free Chauk. Juan and Chauk arrive in Mexicali, where they get help from a group of immigrant traffickers to cross the border between Mexico and United States.